Equity Research Program

Quadrant Skew Capital’s equity research program is the only financial modeling program to couple extensive training with real-world application. At Quadrant Skew Capital we strongly believe in pragmatic learning. Our program focuses on knowledge and skills that are relevant as well as applicable to real world cases. Graduates of our program develop a strong foundation in equity research which enables them to succeed both professionally and academically.

As part of the equity research program:

  • You receive access to exclusive training videos and materials
  • You receive extensive financial modeling training
  • You receive end to end training in creating an equity research report
  • You receive responsive one on one support and assistance as needed
  • You will gain experience via real world application and analysis
  • You are eligible for career development and training provided by our partnership with Breaking Bay Street
  • You are eligible for a monetary reward of $200 for actionable equity research reports

You can click the below video to watch our first training module which provides an overview of the Equity Research Program.

Download a copy of our program syllabus below:

Equity Research Program Syllabus

Our current training modules are shown below:

This module covers Quadrant Skew Capital’s dual purpose of investing and education as well as the structure of our Equity Research Program.


This module reviews the three financial statements—income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet—how they link together and accounting ratios or concepts used in our financial models.


This module explains the process of selecting a target company from a stock universe by using either the top-down or bottom-up approach.


This module explains what a Comparable Companies Model is, how it is used as well as where to find and how to input data into our Comparable Companies Model.


This module explains what a Discounted Cash Flow Model is, how it is used as well as where to find and how to input data into our Discounted Cash Flow Model.


This module covers how to input data from our models into our equity research report template, how to write your equity research analysis as well as how to submit research for review and an allocation reward.


Graduates from our program include students from a large cross-section of business schools including Princeton, the London School of Economics, NYU Stern, Waterloo, and Richard Ivey as well as professionals from various backgrounds including asset management, regulatory agencies and financial services.

Testimonials for Quadrant Skew Capital’s equity research program:

“The Equity Research Program at Quadrant Skew Capital helped me gain valuable experience and knowledge in financial modeling and analysis that I use every day as an Analyst. Right from the start I was immersed in Excel modeling, dissecting SEC filings and analyzing earnings reports. Through the excellent guidance of the QSC team complex financial statement analysis was made simple. I learned how to quickly hone in on key metrics and ratios. After completing the internship I felt much more prepared for job interviews. I was able to show potential employers real world work which separated me from the pack. I would highly recommend this program to anyone already working in or trying to break into finance.”

— M. Zaman
Associate Analyst at Moody’s

“QSC’s Equity Research Program was hands-down a great experience. I developed a better understanding of what drives various businesses and industries, what makes a strong company and ultimately what to look for as an investor. I became a lot more comfortable with financial models (DCF, Comps) and Excel, which has helped me both at work and at school. Overall, I think that the program is a fantastic learning experience, as the hands-on “real-world” nature will allow you to effectively develop the knowledge and skill-set to succeed in finance”

— J. Cruickshank
Student at Ivey School of Business

“The QSC Equity Research Program has been a great experience. The assignments have helped improve my research skills and have made me more aware of what to look for when analyzing financial statements. I learned how to synthesize financial model outputs and fundamental research into a concise report that anyone can understand. The allocation reward and feedback makes the program more interactive and is an essential part of developing equity research skills”

—J. Hernandez
Princeton University Economics graduate

You can register for our program below and get started on developing your skills and career.

Our program is offered at a $14.99 monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time.

Please email info@quadrantskewcapital.com if you have any additional questions.

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